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How To Pick The Best Facial

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

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So You've Decided You Want To Get A Facial!

Now that you have decided you would like to get a facial, here comes the tricky part! Deciding which facial to pick from a menu can seem like a daunting task if it is your first time venturing into skin care. Heck, I'll say it can be a difficult task for some of us experienced skin care providers at times. There have been times in the past when I wanted to book an appointment for a facial only to become overwhelmed by the choices and ended up not scheduling at all. If this sounds like you, I hope these few pointers can help you get the best facial experience for your wants and needs.

My first recommendation for picking the best facial is to figure out why you want a facial. I know this probably sounds silly to you but it's the most important step in choosing what facial will be best for you. The any old facial thought simply won't due for a great experience. By determining what results you want to achieve from your facial along with what type of experience you would like to have, can help you have a great facial instead of ending up disappointed.

You may be thinking "What in the world does this mean?", I just want something that will brighten and freshen the skin. Most facials, even the most basic, will use some form of exfoliation. That exfoliaion will brighten and freshen your skin due to a basic cleansing and the stimulation of blood flow that comes from applying cleansers and products to the skin. What will set you up for a facial experience that meets your expectations is to decide if you are most intrested in a relaxing experience, or a facial that is more specific on correcting a specific skin care need or concern you have. Yes, there can be an overlap of the two, but sometimes facials that are more on the corrective side of skin care aren't as relaxing as a spa facial.

If your goal is to have a relaxing experience with lots of facial massage in a dimly lit soothing enviornment, a spa type facial will be better suited for you. This type of facial may have corrective skin care applied throught the facial, but to see major results you will more than likley need more facials than you would with corrective facial treatments. Spa facials are not able to fully address some corrective skin care issues you may have.

Corrective facials and treatments can have some relaxing steps throughout the treatment at times during your session. However, there will be times when it is necessary to have brighter lighting in the room to clearly evaluate how your skin is responding to your treatment. Some corrective facials and treatments due not allow for facial massage because it would over stimulate the skin and cause irritation and discomfort. Most corrective facials and treatments use some form of equipment that may make sounds and have different colored lights during the procedure. So that quite dimly lit room may not be possible. Know that when choosing corrective facials and treatments, every effort will be made to help your facical or treatment be as relaxing as possible, but the main focus will be centered more on reaching results with your skin care concerns and condition.


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